Taam Sanat alborz

“Taam Sanat is working as a food manufacturer company in the Iranian market for more than 12 years and it is very well established and known in the Food sector, especially in Breadcrumbs and Bread production .

Vision and Mission

 Production of health-oriented products  in food industry.

We are committed to doing things that will continue to grow and benefit society, consumers, customers and employees.

Our commitments

Research and Development

Emphasis on research and development to improve product quality and innovation.

The R&D team is constantly working to improve workflow, productivity, and product design.

The important goal of this company is continuous development.

Advance Technology

The production uses the

technology of an high tech baking oven which results in authentic Japanese

Bread Crumbs (panko) with finest textures, needle shape and open structures, all

of which are the characteristic of good Panko.

These crumbs are then further

dried using fluidized bed drying technology to attain the standard moisture and

minimal shape deformation in Paniik

The advanced systems in our

production has allowed the most suitable breadcrumbs for light eating with the

best taste in flavors and quality

Raw Materials

Our industrial production process comes from a careful selection of raw materials and the development of procedures that respect their original quality.

the right production process includes an understanding of the interaction between the raw materials during

the conversion process. when applied correctly, the combination of selected

high quality raw materials and process will result in the best


Expert service team
Serves customers to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Quality & Safety

Quality is achieved through the combination of

strict selection of raw material, application of technology, and expert human


Keeping with the food safety production process that is compliance.

to ISO -22000, we deliver high quality products that meets the consumers demands and satisfaction.

Human Resources

The company is committed to developing human resources at all levels through ongoing training for technical, administrative and management teams. Our goal is to improve the expertise of our team to ensure customer satisfaction.